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Come Lounge the Lux Way

Newest Wearable Blanket Design

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Are you ready to Lounge the Lux way? 

Introducing our innovative full-size blanket designed for ultimate comfort and warmth. This unique blanket features a central opening through which you slide your body, allowing the top part of the blanket to envelop your shoulders with conveniently placed sleeves for your arms. Additionally, extra material gracefully drapes over your neck and chest area, ensuring comprehensive coverage and coziness. Positioned on your lap, the ample blanket extends generously to reach your feet, complete with a specialized foot pocket at the backside, ensuring your feet remain snug and shielded from the cold. To accommodate individuals of all shapes and sizes, buttons adorn the left and right sides of the body opening. Our patent-pending product redefines comfort and functionality, promising an unparalleled experience in warmth and relaxation.

Lux Lounger is a Patent Pending Design